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Cycladic Bronze Chess - Blue Turquoise & Gold 28cm

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  • Bronze oxydated & brass chessboard

  • Bronze chessmen

  • Wooden case with storage

  • Handmade in Greece

Cycladic civilization is the most ancient in Europe and it flourished in the Aegean Sea during the 3rd millennium B.C. Their marble art was highly stylized representations of human form with minimal geometric lines which gives them a striking resemblance to today’s modern art. The King represents a strong male figure with minimal broad shoulders whereas the idol of Queen is devoted to the most significant period in a woman’s life, pregnancy. The Bishop figure has indicative lines with hands under chest and legs together. The Knight is a horse from the war of Troy, found on the bas-relief decoration of a vase in Mykonos Island. The Castle is a replica of the massive 2500-year old marble temple entrance, which is still the landmark of Naxos Island. Finally, the Pawn is the head of the most known marble idol of this period.

Wooden case with storage

Handmade in Greece